Monday, May 12, 2008

Didn't Expect 'tis

When the phone rang

I mellowed down as usual

But a voice melting with munificence

Asked for me, a bloke bleeding with benevolence

I never heard that voice

But those vocals gently slid down my ear-bones

And on their way to the gelatinous lumps behind my ears

They sound one with a tone

That once neatly summed me up

So well that I felt I knew less about myself than him

But this tone was hers who did her part in creating him

She is a medical miracle with inexhaustible cognitive capital

For investing in shares of invaluable human knowledge

Returns of which are immeasurable

That she reassuringly spreads, along with the divine dividends

She perpetually wears a garland of gracious medals and honors

Heavily garlanded, but quite gracefully supple in her generosity

Humiliating anyone with her humorous humility

No wonder she was the procreator of a child

Who would grow on to become so good that God would come visiting for him

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