Monday, March 31, 2008

Mess Up

It’s hard to make out cranks from the crazy. Because they can’t stand up all by themselves. In fact, they sit among the dense standing psychotic crowd who would cover up these cranky screwballs. They survive among the crowd because it is reassuring to have the worst lot among us – so that we are glad we haven’t reached that level. They sit awaiting imagined clutches to elevate them. They crack up in spite of going down into the depths of delirium and what do they stand on – a narcissistic cloud of gas, emitting pungent psychotic gases. What makes the air even more pungent is these grumps’ gaffe.

Subverting even a smile – or a glary glance – is a pervert’s passion. They wish for an exclusive Eden, in spite of hardly qualifying even for a satanic post. Going to any extent to egg on others, they can’t be excused for throwing the rot above themselves. Stinking so much, of natural or unnatural causes, they want to shirk off their sins with a malodor of malice. Drowning themselves in Deos of disgust is their pompous pastime. So much to show off that they make themselves naked to even a nutty newbie.

But why on earth do they indulge in insanity? Because they would rather be alien to the club of the sane and enjoy themselves in the heaven of hallucinations. Imagining that they would be dancing with damsels (actually dolls), drinking with derangement – puffing out phantoms of psychosis and snuffing in smog of vice. It’s comfy to live in this helluva heaven as you are its sole creator and resident; and if shades of sanity try to bring some order into this heaven, it would rather be destroyed…


Assumptions have been the lifeblood of our ancestors. They assumed that their mates back home are faithful and would be waiting for their return. That hope back there made them explore new terrains, conquer them, settle there and create human societies. Then perhaps these assumptions became so strong that they became presumptions, which in turn bred hypotheses. Like if we have the largest land to farm, it is very likely that we can soon have a huge family. Such hypotheses, over time, are tested across generations and their likelihood of being true increases. Fewer odds against these hypotheses turn them into facts.

But every fact is subject to continuous assaults by evidence, to test its truth. Even a little anti-evidence can crumble the whole fact. So if a celestial object like sun moves away from its usual orbit, then colossal changes happen. Earth’s spin reverses and gravity doesn’t hold our planet together in the universe. We live in a universe as it is right now, because this is the best we could get as of now. Any celestial aberration may not be as likely as a cranky guy turning sane, in a jiffy.

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