Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I hardly speak with any certainty about my future. Once, I had a strong inclination to do some intense study on human mind and failed terrifically - given India's pathetic stodgy education system. And then I decided to bootstrap myself, staying out of this system - thanks to the widening Web. It's pretty easy to abuse a system; but I would do all that it takes to make myself competent enough to face any reasonable questions from such a system.

So, today, I pose a simple but profound (at least to me) question that i think can touch the disciplines that am deeply interested in. The question is Why is there so much order around us? I don't mean there should be utter chaos, but have humans evolved to thrive in an ordered system, striving towards absolute perfection?

This question can be broadly framed under systems theory/ complexity/ biology/ evolution/ probability/ physics/ neuroanatomy/ economics/ ....

This would be the attackable problem that Richard Feynman wanted every serious-minded student to pursue: Why is there order and did we evolve fundamentally for this?

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