Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For the past few days, I’ve been enthralled by the commentary of a seemingly wise man, Chaganti Koteswara Rao. His interpretation of the life of one of my all-time heroes, Adi Sankara is rendered so beautifully in a soothing tone. He even self-criticizes, quite rare among so-called gurus nowadays. Rao while tracking the life of the great saint comes to that phase where Sankara (the guru of all gurus) goes in search of a guru. Finally, he lands up at the feet of Govindapadacharya.

The acharya asks Sankara who are you. To which the young kid gives a stunning answer. Pardon me for my inability to find the Sanskrit sloka. In summary, Sankara says I’m neit water nor fire nor sky nor air. I don’t have any caste/color/creed or any dharma linked to any faith. And he goes on saying what he’s not only to end with:

తదేకో వశిష్టస్స్ శివ కేవలోహం

I’m that which is striving to know all that must be known

I have no words and fully submit myself to the great saint in all humility.

Another wonderful thing was why SAnkara called his school of thought, Advaita – meaning not two. He could have as well said one. But, according to Rao, it was meant to stop opponents raise questions such as is it not three, four, etc. Not two will settle the matter forever. :)

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