Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Yesterday I outgrew my birthright. Prohibited not to eat some stuff, I did have a tasteful dig at it. Though not the animal per se, I did take the early – some say an artificial – version of it: egg. It wasn’t a bold decision but was an old option that I chose to egg on. I was wondering how the egg-stink, I hated when I was egged during Holi, I started to like in another form. So much for my notoriety to sugar-coat things and make it palatable in another form. That’s the way life is; reality is too hard to gulp you see.

Whatever may be the scriptural – or gastronomical – consequences on my deviant behaviour, I find it natural to expand my appetite. More so, because such dishes aren’t touched by the company you keep – quite relishing ah.

Now the pic above is freaky alert about what waistline may become few years down. Those fatty folds, which my trouser flabs up to push my shirt forward, have not abandoned me as my girlfriends often do. I envy all those slim-lines who starve or stuff themselves for want of something. Sounds like sacrificing today for an afterlife experience. I’ve no such keep-backs; I stuff in as much as I can – unlimited uploads. This fatty gene is not as expressful in me as my language gene (branded FOXP2). So much goes through my mouth - as much doesn't come out of it. So much for my imbalance in everything - spare me god, I've imabalanced you with my evil. New avatar of Satan.

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