Saturday, February 3, 2007

Now and Here

Can you go where no one has gone before?

No you can't.

Because you're already there.

It is this very moment you're reading this that you're in a new moment altogether. Keep everything aside for a moment and just observe the movement in yourself. You yourself would discover a fresh surge of understanding.

Step outside and see yourself as you are. Resist comparing with others at this second. And, you would be amazed at the genuineness growing inside you.

That's it. No, that's not all.

You're an evolutionary product, who has withstood unnumbered struggles and often withholds copious battles within you. Battles that can either create creative chaos or can slaughter your soul. Don't prefer the former. Rage a battle between both the options to decide the ratio of rapture between them.

Rule that ratio such that you can change it now and then. In no time, you'll be gliding down the spiral of changes, wanting to scale up but the pull down is too strong to be resisted.

You think you're going down to search for the epicentre of the change. Yet, at this moment, you're trudging on treacherous tremors.

Hey, are you with me. No, you shouldn't be as it is the soul's sole and whole battle. Many have come before onto the battlefield in numbers or alone. But, you can't even slightly sense a cadaver. Maybe because the lost souls were not so aromatic with genuineness that they evaporated into the thick air. But, still the eerie environs can entertain the soul with false fulsomeness of frightening war cries. Cries so reverberating that one can cull the crises that have swept the humankind.

But, every time your soul stumbles, don't foul your mind with such fumbles. It's after all common that you've to endure them or else you become eternally thirsty for peace.

God Bless You

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